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CALATENA by OrgaTech SEC GmbH – The Smooth Experience of Digital Processes

Our CALATENA-Public app manages tickets and checklists in public and urban areas. Citizens can report problems e.g. with vandalism, garbage or traffic to the city administration and responsible offices – directly from the smartphone (or any other mobile device) with minimal effort in just a few seconds.

You can use CALATENA-Public in city areas, but also for sports facilities, schools and other public buildings. The principle of simple-problem-reporting can be applied to all fields of public and daily life.

CALATENA increases efficiency by establishing a digital integration of all companies, actions and IT systems involved.

In 2018 our citizen app (CALATENA-Public) was presented at the Smart City Initiative Dortmund (Germany). It was rated as very relevant and helpful for public space.

Our complete Ticket-to-Pay apps are convenient, user-friendly and available on iOS and android mobile devices.

Contact and further information:                   www.orgatech.org       www.calatena.com

GUSTAV & VOICESURFER by REBOTNIX - A.I. mini supercomputer & speech-translator

In REBOTNIX builds A.I. solutions für the industry. Over 2000 satisfied customers and 50 custom A.I. projects worldwide.

Get real-time visual computing A.I. performance where you need it most with the high-performance, low-power by hundreds of GPU cores, fan-less, and black anodized aluminum. Gustav is the fastet AI supercomputer, based on NVIDvIA™ and Jetson® TX2 .

Rebotnix A.I. Media Gateway is a high-performance solution für the secure routing of audio, video and data streams. For this we use standard IP networks. This bridge offers the possibility to convert low delay signals which were not possible before. 

Contact and further information:                  www.rebotnix.com           www.voicesurfer.com   

Smart City & Smart Factory Scout by abakomm. - Change-Scouting with perfection

Transforming analogue thinking and action into digital structures is a complex and challenging process. We support businesses and government agencies with our analytical tools, helping to find the proper digital pathways in the world of economy and trade.

With our comprehensive analysis you can customize your objectives to your unique transformation. We support you as an independent partner in the implementation process and keep a critical and constructive eye on your efforts and direction of your change.

Contact and further information:                 www.smartcityscout.de        www.smartfactoryscout.de

A.I. Scout by abakomm. & REBOTNIX - Knowledge through education

The A.I. Scout is an education and qualification program for CEOs, senior staff and strategically important employees. The knowledge of our analytical tools and applications is an effective measure to determine A.I. solutions for your company in a more targeted and efficient manner and with precise execution.

The A.I. Scout provides access to in-house expertise, eliminating the need for external developers. You learn to recognize the difference between effective and ineffective uses of A.I. You learn how to calculate the profitability of A.I., which applications exist and how to approach the subject of A.I. without conflict inside your company.

Contact and further information:                  www.kiscout.com